Take it to the Next Level With a PR Agency

You can start your own PR agency with a few gadgets such as a mobile phone, a laptop and a little bit of experience. You may also need a lot of charisma and find it easy to make contacts. A broad understanding of one area of business that will use your services would also be a distinct advantage. The ability or willingness to learn and want to learn about other industries will also help you to be a success. You will also need some cash or a part time job to support yourself whilst you work on a client base. You will ultimately be your own boss, so you will need to handle your finances, your own publicity including a great internet presence, so you will need lots of skills in all areas. You must be willing to learn and be good at multi-tasking. You will need to be aware of any legalities regarding your business

When you do get off the ground you then need to prove alone that you can deliver the best PR packages for the prices you have confirmed. You may not have realised that 30% of your time will be spent on what you might consider to be the boring back office work of administration and accounting. You then need to ensure that the money you have made will carry you through to your next client and payment. It is believed that it can take up to five years to really establish a new successful business.

When you do not have any work in and have some free time see if you can get along to other events this is great for your own PR. Talk to people give them your business card, leave some leaflets lying around. You should also join PR firm’s blogs, websites and Facebook pages to see what they are doing. Do costing exercises, make notes of the experts in the field and the key players join their blogs and ask them questions. Get yourself around town to the hotels and venues where great PR events happen, leave your business cards and leaflets there, you never know who might pick one up. Make sure that your own promotion materials such as business cards significantly stand out from the rest, it is these details that will set you aside and bag you some work.

Aside from the pitfalls there are ways you can make your business work for you, focus on the bit that you do well, the part that made you want to work in PR and establish your business in the first place. Work out a system that works for your accounting, there are online sites that you can use.

Also have some boundaries for yourself don’t pitch to anyone, there is no benefit in setting yourself up to fail. Take on other bits of work where you can just to keep the cash flow going. Keep your skills in mind and stay calm and focussed, remain positive as it is a very important key to success. Don’t lose your ambitious streak it is there for a reason.

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