9 Beaches You Must Visit during Your Holidays in Mexico

Mexico is studded with some of the best and beautiful beaches of the world. For this reason, a chunk of such towns was converted into tourist spots while the others were left for the normal inhabitants. One can always spend their time in the Mexico beachfront rentals where you can find crystalline water and a sandy shore. This will also consist of places that are directly not in touch with the mainstream crowd and thus can be your secluded paradise. So, let’s see what we have in our list of places that one can go for their vacation.

1. Cancun

This place reeks of variety especially when it comes to nightlife and other activities. This place has primarily earned its spot as the ultimate party destination for which families often avoid this place. But you can always find adult only beach rental resorts that are eco-friendly as well. The beach is beautiful in itself and will allure you to stay back but don’t miss out on the local scenes apart from this.

2. Playa Del Carmen

Situated at almost 35 miles southwards of Cancun, this place has gone through some radical transformations over the year. From being a humble fishing city, it now thrives as the single most important Mexican cities. The locally called “Playa” has a number of diversions and places to visit. The street “Quinta Avenida” runs parallel to the beach and is always crowded with people flocking to buy souvenirs or visiting club during night time.

3. Puerto Vallarta

The world started to know this place once it was brought to the attention by the two Hollywood stars namely Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The city is studded with beautiful white-walled houses which are situated by the cobblestone streets. But its signature style probably is the red-tiled roofs that make it aesthetically superior. Activities include, zip- lining in and out the jungle, beach fronts with resorts, plus you have the best cuisine experience with its numerous dining destinations. This place can be your perfect romantic getaway but can also be a place to stay in and have a relaxing weekend.

4. Tulum

If you are interested in detoxing yourself off the technologies, then this is the place since a chunk of its accommodation consist of eco-friendly resorts. People who are looking for something romantic but less crowded can definitely come to this place. Your tour doesn’t end there, the archaeological sites of Coba are not far from the beach but it is quite understandable if anyone would want to stay in the beach for the ultimate getaway experience. Nightlife might be missing but you can still enjoy the calm and soothing breeze of the sea while enjoying its view.

5. Mazatlan

This well-established spot for tourists is located on the Mexican Pacific Coast in the cosy states of Sinaloa. This place can help you find the ultimate cultural experience which is certainly the best feature of this place since it is a mix of various cultures. This place is historically enriched but if that bores you, head towards the Golden Zone. The nightlife is quite a thing here and the golden zone opens up the avenue for hip restaurants and nightclubs. The place is unique in itself and the tourists won’t mind spending some time here.

6. Cozumel

This place is stretched near the Riviera Maya which extends up to 30 miles in length & 10 miles in width. This place is one of the best diving destinations for the tourists. The water here is crystalline with a turquoise hue. The corals add to its beauty which further attracts tourists from around the world. Apart from being a diving spot, this place has a number of beautiful natural preserves such as National Park, Chankanaab Park and Lagoon. There’s also a number of comfortable resorts that can give you a unique and laid-back experience.

7. Huatulco

This place is a beach that is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico that houses 9 bays and 36 beaches. They often come under the jurisdiction of the natural park committee. This place is known for its top of the line resorts and the tourist are often fascinated by it. The biodiversity adds to the overall aesthetic value of this place giving it a unique mix of flora and fauna. Even though this place has been marked to be developed for the tourists, there is a serious lack of development here. So, naturally, you’ll find a lot of places to explore on your own.

8. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

Founded in the early nineties by the National Fund for Tourism Development, this place has retained the attributes of what a small fishing town used to be. These twin destinations complement each other by being on either side of old and new. Activities are there in plenty which mostly include scuba diving, surfing and also fishing. This place also consists of a number of budget accommodation with boutique resorts and hotels.

9. Acapulco

The popularity of this place rose as it was frequently visited by many Hollywood stars. This place was the ultimate beach destination until it was surpassed by Cancun in the 80’s. The nightlife is quite exquisite here where there are posh restaurants and bars spread across the towns bordering the beach. From La Quebrada, you can do the death-defying cliff jump and get your adrenaline running. Apart from these activities, this place has some colonial history which can intrigue some history enthusiast.

Usually, the spots that we talked about have no issues but it is the responsibility of the tourist to make sure they don’t pollute the area. While these places mostly propagate eco-friendliness, it’s of utmost importance that the tourist respect that and go there for a unique experience that will help them learn how to make such footprints in the ecological sectors. These places are gorgeous intrinsically and are also less crowded making it the ultimate romantic getaway spot.

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