Green Living Ideas: Using Solar Energy

Green living ideas are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Gas guzzling cars were usual in the past and since gas was cheap, nobody noticed what was happening to the climate or the ozone layer. Now humankind understands that green living ideas are the key to creating a better future for our families and our planet.

Here are some tips that focus on green living ideas:

1. Home composting is one green living idea that is often overlooked. Get a bin to collect kitchen compost and food scraps and take your regular kitchen leftovers to a composter. This will create manure for your yard and your garden can flourish without chemicals and pesticides.
2. Replace your old incandescent lights with CFL bulbs to conserve energy.
3. Check windows for cracks and air leaks that could be costing you dollars by stressing the air conditioning system.
4. Install double glazing windows and use curtains to cover the exposed glass to reduce energy costs.
5. Have your HVAC system checked by an expert to make sure it works to its optimum capacity.
6. Of course you can always reduce your carbon footprints and take your savings to a new high by investing in a solar powered energy system or a domestic wind turbine.

Here are a few factors that have given the existing popularity to solar energy and solar panels:

Eco friendly:

To start with, solar energy tapping equipment does not pollute the environment. The use of solar energy for water heating, cooking or for the production of electricity etc. produces no harmful gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide and methane and therefore reduces the possibilities of acid rain and global warming.

Silent operation:

Unlike equipment based on other forms of energy that produces chaotic noise due to the generators, equipment that uses solar energy does not cause any noise. Solar energy operated machines operate silently because there are no moving parts. Consequently, it also reduces noise pollution.

Low maintenance:

Once installed, there is not much maintenance cost and hence there is absolutely no recurring cost. It is because there are no parts that can wear and tear. Although there is a heavy investment initially, but it is a lucrative option to use solar panels because it can reduce and eliminate a significant part of your electricity bill that would otherwise leave you vexatious. It can store the excess energy produced during the day and use it during the night when sunlight is not available.


In addition, the use of solar energy is ideal for remote locations where there the possibility of they being connected to electricity is not plausible or is a dangerous and cumbersome procedure.

No recurring costs:

After setting up of the solar panel is complete, its running cost is absolutely zero as no fuel is required. With many countries encountering growth disorders and insensitive fuel prices, it is an intelligent move to shift to this eco-friendly way that is not affected by the unstable economy. Fuel prices or fluctuating electricity costs will not cause any problem in your life if you have adequate resources to tap solar power.

After years of exploitation of non-renewable resources, humankind has reached a stage where it cannot afford to abuse them more. Hence it has finally moved its attention to renewable resources that are the gifts of nature and solar energy is one of them. The benefits of this form of renewable energy mentioned above have made it so popular these days.