The New and Exclusive Ranges of Luxury Property in Mulund

Luxary 1Mumbai is a bi polar city. With its contrasts of tradition and modernity, rituals and postmodernist thought, it is an assimilation of contrasts and differences but appears homogenous in its diversity. The unifying factor probably is the mindset of its people who constantly juggle between work and everyday lifestyle.  It does not come as a surprise that this city is one of the best sites of property investments with its central suburbs becoming zones of luxury property, like the new zones of property in Mulund cater to the taste of investors who wish to transcend the homing experience with the help of style and comfort.

The upcoming properties in the city are the visions of many a leading group of estate builders and companies who wish to make of the city something more exquisite than it already is. These new constructions are manmade works of art with glass and steel as their main muses. There are vast residential complexes that come along with personal terrace-roofed gardens and a community swimming pool along with a kid’s playing area and automatic parking slots. These properties try to ease out every tiresome aspect of living and to replace them with the ones that require minimum effort but provide the best results. The new property ranges in Mulund, Vashi, Panvel, Osiwara, are all examples of property sites where architecture meets class.

Luxury properties are not just some hi-tech images seen on the glossy papers of housing magazines. They are something that you can invest in with your limited budget. It is easy to transform a single room apartment into one that is savvy and clean with a large floor space. The added benefits of luxury homing is the location of the property. It is usually located in one of the private parts of the city where the industrial noise is drowned out to provide you with the perfect space that allows you tune out of a stressful life, into one where your day is spent with your family and loved ones. They are the perfect bubbles of calm and they come with amenities that wouldn’t want you to leave your home and still guarantee a great time.  (The new sites of property in Mulund are one of the examples that give you the experience of luxury homing).

Be it a perfect locality with an adjoining beach, or want of that marvelous walking track within the gardens your building complex, or the glass elevators and the chauffeurs, luxury living is the current trend in Mumbai. It is spreading to every part of the town be it with its new range of property in Mulund or Thane, Powai or Andheri. It is an assimilation f the very best in the world of homing that gives you the once in lifetime experience of living like a king or a queen. It doesn’t translate into a villa, but now comes in the compact size of apartments that will floor you on sight.


Bio: Fernando Bose is an estate agent from Mumbai and owns his own private firm. He deals with luxury property for him the best sites for investment are the upcoming property in Mulund, Thane and Sakinaka, in the city’s blooming central suburbs.

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