How to organise your garage

This time of year provides the perfect opportunity for homeowners to get their garage in order. People often do not maximise the full potential of their garage partly because of disorganisation. A concrete garage provides many benefits to homeowners if they are utilised effectively.

A high-quality concrete garage, as manufactured by Dencroft Garages, can be used as an extension of the living space of your home. With house prices rising any additional square foot that can be added to your home can seriously increase its value. A concrete garage is therefore a perfect way to add an extra room to your home for a relatively small cost.

You can use the extra space of your garage for simple uses like storage or more purposeful ways like a conversion into a gym, office or workshop. However you decide to use your garage space, make sure it is well organised so that you can get the most out of it.

Once the purpose of your garage has been planned out, you should also take careful consideration in how best to organise it to fulfil its potential. Here are some of the best ways:

Use the walls to your advantage

In terms of the surface area of your garage most of the opportunities for storage and organisations comes from the walls. If you effectively utilise the space that the four walls provide you can massively increase the room available for other things in your concrete garage. As opposed to letting paperwork stack on the floor, put up some shelves and transfer them up high. If your garage is being used as a workshop the walls are a great way to improve the organisation of the garage, add hooks across the walls so your tools can be neatly organised in clear view to help increase the floor space and improve efficiency.

Ceiling racks

As your garage already has a limited space, ceiling racks are also an effective way to help reduce the amount of your garage that is being used for storage. This will help to free up more space available in your garage and allow you to use it fully for its designed purpose. The ceiling is often massively overlooked as a potential for storage despite its huge potential. An example of using the ceiling to your advantage is obviously racks for storage used in a similar way as walls acks and shelves. Secondly, if your garage has been converted with the dual purpose of a living space or home cinema you can mount the television from the ceiling as opposed to a desk or the wall.


Finally, labels are a great way to organise your garage, whilst they are only small and cheap thy sure do have a big impact in the overall organisation of your garage. They are most effective with garages that are heavily used for storage as it will likely have lots of cardboard boxes. By simply labelling these boxes and their content you will save yourself endless hours looking through them finding what you need.

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