Ways to Reduce Unnecessary Fights When Travelling as a Group

Travelling as a group could be fun and exciting. Unfortunately, it could also lead to fights due to disagreements. When you are going as a large group, you all have different ideas. Some of you want to do certain things, while others think those activities are dull. You might even fight about the expenses. Before you get stressed out and decide to cancel the trip, these are some tips to help you sort things out.


Make sure everyone is on the same page


Create a group chat where everyone involved in the trip is present. You can send the messages on this group chat to keep everyone updated. You can also quickly put things to a vote using this app. No one can make excuses because you posted all updates for everyone to see.


Finalise the dates


Before moving forward with the rest of the plan, you need to get everyone’s commitment to join the trip. Finalise the dates first, and once the members sign up, they cannot back out anymore. You need a penalty for last minute changes since it could mess up everyone else. Tell those who are uncertain at this point to make up their mind within 24 hours; otherwise, you are free to remove them from the list.


Delegate tasks


Do not shoulder all the responsibilities of organising the trip. You can assign someone to supervise all the details and check the updates. However, it is crucial that members feel that they have involvement in the planning. Find someone to book the hotel, check the flights, arrange transportation, and other things.


Set a budget


When you start looking at the places where you are going to stay or the sites to visit, you can create an estimated budget. You need to inform everyone that you are looking at the said amount per person to spend on the trip. It is crucial that everyone agrees on the amount, and they are only looking at the estimates. If they do not agree or they think it is too much, you can assign them to search for other options that will help reduce the expenses.


Look for alternatives


Since you are travelling as a large group, you can find a way to reduce the cost. For instance, if you are looking for local transportation, you can rent a van that will fit everyone for the entire trip. If you share the cost to rent the van, it will be way lower than individually paying for public transportation for every leg of the journey.


When searching for a hotel room, you can consider an aparthotel. It is large enough to accommodate several people, but it does not have the same price as 5-star hotels. You can check out an Aparthotel near Southbank if you are heading to the area for your trip.


With these tips, you do not need to worry about disagreements anymore. You will have already told everyone their responsibilities, and you have a mechanism to reduce fights. Hopefully, these tips will aid in making your travel plans a reality.

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