Various Kinds Of Diamond Rings for Women

Diamond is a woman’s best friend, and its value in her eyes is less than hardly anything around her. This is the reason why diamonds have always been a popular choice in making jewelries and fashion accessories for women. Among all the jewelries and accessories, the finger ring is perhaps one such piece of beauty which has successfully incorporated this precious stone, and has been at the top sought-after item for ages.

Due to the unhinged surge in popularity of the diamond finger rings (or the diamond rings in short), ring designers always made sure that diamond lovers are provided with plenty of ring designs and models. Although some diamond rings could not stand the test of time, there were a few, like women’s cocktail rings or the classic solitaires, which went on to become a major style statement. And till this day, their popularity remains unparalleled.

#1. The Wedding Ring 

Traditionally, a wedding ring consists of a platinum or gold band. Modern designers brought forward the wedding ring which has diamonds as the stone, and they have been a favorite ever since their emergence. Not just one, there can a number of small diamonds studded into the band. Instead of a diamond, people also tend to choose other gemstones which are believed to bring luck to the wearer. However, the elegance of a diamond wedding ring, like always, still maintains its place at the top.

#2. The Classic Solitaire 

The classic solitaires are classy as well as stylish. These rings feature a single diamond as the central stone, held together by four or six prongs. Normally, the design of the rest of the ring is kept as simple as possible. Some modern classic solitaires, however, come with embellishments where smaller diamonds are embedded into the band.

#3. The Cocktail Ring 

Excitement is the right word to describe womens cocktail rings. These rings are best-suited to be worn in parties and other special occasions. Popularized during the cocktail parties of the 1940s in the United States, these rings lost its appeal in the middle years. However, the recent revival shot it back in the hunt as a highly potential contender. These rings have a huge stone embedded at the center. And when that huge stone is a diamond, its dramatic impact is nothing short of colossal.

#4. The Eternity Ring 

The diamond-studded eternity rings are perhaps the best gifts you can ever give to your loved ones. The reason for making such a statement is that the ring’s unbroken circular design symbolizes true love and affection. A perfect present on special events like anniversary or birth of a child, the eternity rings are available in various designs. Presenting an eternity ring can easily turn a drab day into an extra special one.

The most important thing about diamond rings, however, is the occasion you are choosing to flaunt them. The ring should go well with your dress, the occasion as well as your personality. Therefore, you should be very careful while choosing the diamond ring. But be rest assured that if the ring is chosen correctly, your overall appearance is going to get a lofty accent.

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