Types of Injuries That Could Happen During a Hairdresser’s Appointment

The moment you enter a salon for an appointment with your hairdresser, you think that you are getting the best treatment you deserve. This is true especially if you have been partnering with them for a long time. You feel complacent, knowing that they understand your hair and your preferences. However, anything can happen. If something goes wrong, you have the right to sue and you should go for it. Here are some possible reasons why you might file for a hair injury claim.

Allergic reactions

This could happen if the wrong chemicals were used on your hair or the mixture was not correct. Before using any chemicals, you should be asked first if you have allergies or you have had issues with the said chemicals in the past. Allergic reactions might seem simple at first but they could get worse eventually.

Insufficient training

Certainly, a lack of training could lead to a disaster. Hairdressing is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be creative but you should also learn the technical stuff. You can’t just work on actual hair without proper training and hours of experience. Even new hairdressers still need guidance from their seniors. Clients who suffer at the hands of hairdressers who have not been trained well often resort to making hair damage claims in order to receive compensation for the damage caused.

Slippery floors

Due to the number of clients at any given time, hairdressers tend to be more focused on their respective clients only. When people move from one place to another, this could pose a huge risk. For instance, if you need to head to the washing station then back to the cutting station, you might pass over a slippery area and break your back. If this happens, you can sue them. Someone should be there (not necessarily the hairdresser) to maintain cleanliness in the place.

Burns and cuts

When using a blower, a dryer, or chemicals, this could happen. They are painful and they could even leave permanent scars. Whether they are big or small, you have the right to ask for compensation. This could affect you for the rest of your life and the person responsible should be held to account.

Hair loss

This is the most common reason for asking for damage compensation. You might regrow your hair but you still need treatment. You might also lose your job and you won’t have a source of income while waiting for your hair to come back. If you decide to buy a headdress or a wig, this could also cost a lot. You need the money to look better after the problem.

Anything can happen in a busy salon, and when something goes wrong, don’t be afraid to hire a legal professional to help you.

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