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The Top Tuxedo Trends of 2013

When talking about tuxedos, men normally think about a shirt, a coat, a pair of dress pants, a tie, a vest, and a cummerbund. Those items usually complete men’s formal ensemble. However, just as with everything else, the styles of tuxedos have also evolved over the passage of time. Now you may or may not have a need to wear a tuxedo any time soon. Nevertheless, it always pays to be prepared.

Unless you are subscribed to GQ or other men’s magazines that openly discuss the latest fashion trends, you probably have no idea what the top styles in tuxedos are in this year. Well, you’re in luck. This article would let you in on what’s hot as far as tuxedos are concerned.

If you watched the Oscars that aired a couple of months back, you probably noticed the dashing celebrities who graced the red carpet. Most of those male celebrities paraded the latest tuxedo styles for 2013.

First off, 2013 is signaling the return of bowties. Yes, it seems that long neckties are on a decline now, as more and more men prefer to complement their dashing tuxedo-clad bodies with bowties. Well, it’s only appropriate since bowties have always been the intended and most appropriate choice when it comes to accompanying tuxedo neckwear. If you want to exude the correct and traditional way of interpreting a tuxedo on your wedding day, then a bowtie is just the perfect neckwear. You may opt to use a solid black tie or in a color that matches the color of your bride’s dress.

Next, we’re going to talk about the prominent styles for 2013. The first one is the slim-fit tuxedo, which is among the most coveted style in many stores that offer tuxedo rentals. As the name suggests, this style is beautifully fitted to the body of the wearer. This classic and elegant style usually features one or two buttons. A slim-fit tuxedo is single-breasted, with peaked or notched lapels, and besom pockets. This style is perfect for men who want to look trim, fit, and suave on their wedding day.

Then, there is the peak full dress tailcoat that now features an updated silhouette. While most tailors tweaked this classic to make sure it fits the wearer better, they didn’t dare veer from its traditional beauty. Full dress tailcoat tuxedos for 2013 still feature a single-breasted front with six buttons, satin peak lapels, and rounded tails. This is the style to choose if you want to look dapper on your wedding day.

Have you seen the latest James Bond flick, Skyfall? If you did, then you probably noticed the midnight tuxedo splendidly worn by Daniel Craig. This style is making its presence felt this year. It features shawl lapels and a single button. In order to cater to more modern fashion trends, 2013’s midnight tuxedo features higher armholes, a slightly shorter length, and a tapered waist.

If you simply want a drop-dead gorgeous tuxedo with the right touch of swag, then you can go for a style that’s sure to breathe life into any occasion. Some people call this style “swagger” tuxedo. Whatever its name is, it evokes only one thing – confidence. This style has two buttons, is single-breasted, and has notch lapels (usually made of satin), besom pockets, and side vents.

There you have it. The tuxedo trends for 2013. However, since we’re only a quarter into the New Year, you can expect more styles to crop out soon.

A web designer by profession, Derek Night also does freelance writing in his spare time. He has a personal blog where he gives detailed information about men’s suits.

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