Is Luxury Apartment Rental Worth the Cost?

If given the chance to rent a place when going on a vacation and a luxury apartment is presented in front of you, it is a no-brainer. You would definitely choose it. The only downside is that renting it might cost a lot of money.

Going on a vacation is pricey and you might rather opt for a cheaper hotel than pay for a luxury apartment. Before discarding the idea of renting a luxury apartment, here are some reasons why they are worth the price.

Better location

A luxury apartment is usually located in a better place where public transportation is available. It is also near key areas. Moving around won’t be a problem for you. If you are trying to save money and you wish to use trains and taxis, the location of these apartments will make things easier for you.


Luxury apartments, like hotels have pools and fitness centres. You can use these facilities any time without extra fees. You can also use the gaming rooms, biking trails and other facilities available.


This is perhaps the best reason for renting a luxury apartment. You might have spent a lot of money for the rental, but you can save money on food. You need not eat out all the time. You can just buy the ingredients from a local market and cook them in the apartment. If you have a special diet, this makes things easier for you. Hotels usually don’t allow you to cook although they offer microwave ovens.


When you rent a luxury apartment, you are guaranteed safety. Only those who are residing in the building can have access to the area. This starts from the lobby up to the specific floor on which the apartment is located. There are also a lot of entry points. You don’t have to pass by the lobby all the time like in hotels. Even if there are several entry points, all of them are guarded. Security cameras are also all over the place.

Given these benefits, you should consider renting a luxury apartment on your next trip. Yes, you might have to spend more for the rental, but you can cut down on the expenses elsewhere. Besides, you are on a vacation because you want to relax and rejuvenate. If you are spending money anyway, why don’t you just go ahead and rent a luxury apartment? You might also be surprised to see options like apartments Edinburgh offers that are reasonably priced.

This is a perfect choice if you are travelling as a family or in large groups. You will enjoy the experience.

How to Keep the Catering for Your Event Cost-Effective

You want the event that you are planning to be a success but did you know that there are some secret, cost-effective tips that can save you a great deal of money on your next celebration? Your friends and colleagues in Birmingham love a good party and you enjoy hosting them so in order to be able to have more parties you should use the money that you spend wisely so that it will go further and pay for more celebrations. Take a look at some of the best tips for saving money at your next event.

  1. You can control the length of your party and by keeping it short you can reduce the overall cost of your event significantly. Catering in Birmingham professionals can help you to plan a reception with cocktails and a formal dinner that will last about five hours; this can be the ideal power party that you need to host. Your guests will arrive, enjoy social hours, and then dine on a delicious dinner and have an excellent time all within about five hours. Consider making your party short yet meaningful.

  2. Do some research of the caterers in Birmingham so that you can review their menus and the drinks selections that they offer at events. Visiting a website such as can give you a good idea of the availability of food and drinks in Birmingham. You may decide to cut costs by limiting the bar offerings so that they are more appealing to your guests. Choose local beers, sparkling wine drinks, and small plates of bar snacks for each guest. Your guests can still enjoy the social hour without your having to pay for top-shelf brands that drive up the cost of your party.

  3. Limit your glassware selection; instead pick a glass that is all-purpose and can accommodate a variety of beverages. This will give the bar set-up a contemporary look for an elegant ambiance in your venue. Using one type of glass allows you to spend your money in other ways or save it for the next celebration.

  4. If you’re hosting a formal dinner, ask the caterers to limit the size of the portions that they are serving. Always opt to have servers attend to your guests if you’re having a buffet line; guests tend to take more than they can eat and you lose control of the amount of the food that’s being consumed. You may want to opt for appetizers that accompany your social hour to limit the amount of food that you’ll need for your party.

  5. Do your guests drink coffee? If not you can eliminate this part of the evening. You may want to only offer it with your bar service so that only those who enjoy coffee can get what they want. You’ll also save on the cream, milk and sugar or sweeteners that are used by many to complement their coffees.

Using some of these tips can help you to save money and still host an elegant and memorable event for the guests you invite.

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Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

When redesigning a bathroom it is important to save money in the right places while managing to achieve an upgraded space. It’s always a good idea to leave a large chunk of the budget for the bathroom suite or new jtspas shower. Thankfully there are lots of other areas where you can make good savings, allowing you to buy the best your budget can allow for the most important items. Here are ten simple upgrades you can do that will transform your bathroom for the better.

  1. Create a mirror wall. A large mirror may sound expensive but it is money that is worth spending. Pick a wall space, ideally above the sink unit and install a large mirror that will take up most of the wall, if not all. Choose an LED mirror if you can stretch to it, the built in lights are useful and they help to create a peaceful ambiance for night time bathing. The mirror will improve the lighting in the room, make it easier to clean and acts as an instant upgrade – you don’t even need to replace the bathroom suite for this to look good!

  2. Swap the old shower curtain for a screen or an enclosure. Shower curtains instantly cheapen the bathroom. They’re also difficult to keep spotlessly clean and attract germs, grime and mildew. Replace the curtain with a quality screen as it will improve the overall look of the room and you’ll find they are much easier to keep clean.

  3. Work out ways to increase the amount of storage space you have available. If you have a very tight budget you could always paint up some old drawers or bed side cabinets to use in the bathroom. If you can stretch to it we recommend installing some cabinets and a surface to help keep the space tidy and organised. A tidy bathroom is always more appealing than a messy one. Find areas that are being wasted, such as behind the toilet or below the sink and convert these areas into storage zones.

  4. Buy new towels and a towel rail. Always have your best bath towels on display and leave the older ones in the airing cupboard. Brand new towels add instant luxury to the bathroom and they’re always appreciated by the users.

  5. Replace your shower head for a larger one. Everyone is going crazy for oversized shower heads. They come in many different styles and they can be relatively easy to replace. Monsoon rain showers are in high demand at the moment and are definitely the type of upgrade that buyers would like to see in the home.

These five tips will help you to transform your bathroom into a space where you can relax at the end of a long day. They don’t have to be completed at once, work slowly though the list and the end result will be amazing.

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How To Go Green and Increase Your Bottom Line

A company can derive maximum benefits by overall adoption of green activities intended at minimizing environmental pollution. Poor environmental conservation may result in adverse conditions like global warming which have impacted negatively on a number of businesses all over the world. Some businesses have had to be closed down because they could not hit the required environmental conservation standards of going green. In order to go green, a company identifies the parts of its operations that impact on the environment most.

There are a myriad of potential benefits to a company that can improve its bottom line including reduced costs on power, waste hauling and trash hauling costs. This saves the company a lot of money. The following are some ways on how to go green and increase your bottom line.

How Walmart recycles cardboard

Go paperless as much as possible

It is a common tradition with many companies to print business circulars like memos and job advertisements before circulating them. However, this is not the best option given a lot of paperwork is involved leading to accumulation of trash which is not environmental friendly. To cut down on paper trash, you should consider going paperless as much as possible by going digital in your advertising. For instance, forward emails instead of circulars.

Managed Printing services

Managing your printing services allows you to save on paper supplies. In addition to going digital as mentioned above, take measures like using both sides of paper to make copies and use single spacing rather that double spacing. Managed printing services in the long run helps to save on supply costs and at the same time saving trees. According to a recent research done by Portland office of sustainable development, a company can save up to 35% on paper cost, especially by using recycled paper which is much cheaper.

Buy green office products

Green office products are those environmental friendly products which are made from recyclable materials or the ones which help you save on the use of resources like power. For instance, energy saving bulbs is the best example of a green product you can incorporate into your office shopping list. Research has confirmed that energy saving bulbs can save about 75% of power compared to traditional bulbs. You should also embrace the use of recyclable paper which can help you save approximately 20% of your printing costs since it is cheaper than regular printing paper.

Conserve energy by powering down

The use of energy saving bulbs is not enough to cut down on energy utility costs at your work place. It is estimated that a business can cut down on power consumption by about 30% per year according to a research conducted by the US Small Business Administration. This can be achieved without compromising on quality of services a business offers or employee comfort. One of the best ways to conserve energy in the workplace includes installing energy-efficient windows and HVAC systems.

Adopt a composting program

This is the best idea for restaurants to go green by allowing them to minimize on the amount of food garbage and hence save on money. Composting programs turns food which would otherwise be thrown away into forms which can be disposed safely. This saves the business on the money it would spend on hauling trash bins.