How To Schedule A Moving Company?


Moving from one place to another is very strenuous; you’ll certainly need a professional mover to transport your belongings to a new place safe and sound. There are different types of movers that you can check and ask about their services offered. The following are the things you must consider when making a schedule:

1. Inquire friends and family members if they some know some good and reliable professional movers. It will help you slim down the list to the reputable ones. You can also check the phone books for area movers then log in to the website such as the Angie’s List which provides reviews for service providers, contractors and doctors throughout the United States.

2. Make a quick background check on the services you like. Call the Better Business Bureau or surf the web to look for recent complaints and feedbacks. Also, check if company is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association. However the membership is optional, the services which join the association undergo a criminal background check and agree to uphold the association’s Code of Ethics which includes providing the “the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity and fairness in all business transactions” and promoting “the elimination of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and unethical practices within the industry.”

3. You must know which services are open to schedule a move the time frame that you will be transferring. The first and last days of summer month are most hectic times for professional movers and so it is essential to make an early schedule of move if you are planning of doing it in this time frame.

4. Ask for a price quote from those movers who can cater your moving schedule. Federal regulations necessitate that moving estimates be based on a physical survey of the belongings that are being moved if the moving company is within 50 miles of your home.

5. You have to make a final decision when it comes to which professional companies you want to hire based on the price tag estimates and your overall perception of who will give you with the best and satisfying service. You must consider the factors such as the experience level, speed of delivery, packing and storage for a mover.

6. Contact the moving service to schedule your move and confirm the day and time that the movers will arrive. To assure your reserve date, provide a deposit.

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