Five Steps to Accelerating Workplace Performance

5 Steps to Accelerating Workplace PerformanceThere are a number of ways to speed up workplace performance. Most have to do with making minor to major changes in the existing culture of the organization. The viability of these suggestions is almost entirely dependent upon the size of the company and the willingness of management to embrace change.

1. The first and most obvious way would be to tie pay to productivity levels—the more you produce, the more you earn. It goes without saying, though, that what was so speedily produced cannot be made at the cost of a reduction in quality.

2. A second way to improve productivity would be to look for ways to streamline all processes. Usually simple and mundane work is never systematically reviewed and organized. Sometimes a step in a process can be eliminated or done in a different sequence, with a corresponding increase in the productivity rate. One way to do this quite simply would be to implement a viable suggestion award program.

3. A third way to improve employee productivity would be to look for inexpensive technology which would enable the employee to eliminate time consuming tasks. One example is a security protection firm which invested in inexpensive GPS navigational units in all of their patrol units. New employees in a large city would have a great deal of difficulty finding some locations on a map. A GPS unit not only eliminates the time looking the location up, but helps navigate in some very complex and badly designed street systems.

4. A fourth way to improve productivity is to ensure that all personnel are adequately trained. Too many managers and supervisors are just too busy and don’t want to invest the time or expense to see that their personnel are trained properly. A very quick way to gain an understanding of the value of training is to see how quickly someone with formal computer training can generate documents in comparison to their untrained co-workers. Manipulating your way around a keyboard is like any other task. When trained properly, you can use valuable shortcuts to simplify your task.

5. A fifth way to increase productivity is to promote pride and teamwork through meaningful service awards. Nobody takes pride in awards that are given to everyone. Service awards should be given to a very select few individuals or for meaningful team performance. The standards for earning team or individual service awards need to be both high and clearly defined.