Search Engine Optimization Strategies

What is SEO or search engine optimization?


SEO is perhaps the most inexpensive and important method to rank high in the “natural” or “organic” searches of every major search engine. Italian web marketing services take care of every aspect of creating the right SEO campaign for businesspersons.

Search engines follow the methodology of sending the “robot spiders” to index the content published on the website. Therefore to begin with: webpages should be prepared for optimal indexing. This does not involve tricking the search engines to pick up the desired website but to provide the search engines with abundant clues about the webpage so it picks up the site naturallly. The approach is termed as “search engine optimization” or SEO.

Businesspersons keen on getting their web pages noticed through organic searches should include a keyword-rich page title. The title may include 5 to 8 words, these should be the words you want internet users to find you with. Do away with as many filler (“the,” “and,” …) words as you can n the title but maintain the readability. The page title, rich in keywords, appears as hyperlinked on the search engines when the user searches for specific key words. You may also include a descriptive META tag. Some of the search engines show this description below the hyperlinked title in the listed search results. The description may be just a sentence that describes the webpage content with the major keywords or key phrases appearing on the page. Always place the keywords in the first paragraph of the body text. At the same time, do not ever overdo it, which is the insertion of keywords. Google and other search engine follow a guideline about accepting a certain keyword density. For example Google might expect the keyword density of 1.5% to 2% across the whole body text area, and this is enough for getting high ranking. Therefore, overdoing the keywords is not a good idea. Second step in SEO would be to make the navigation system of your site search engine friendly. Search engines do not read Flash or JavaScript very well, even though they may appear great for humans. Thus supplementing the Flash menus and JavaScript with usual HTML links and add a hyperlinks chain to ensure that the search engine spider is led to the home page and every other page of the web site. Take care that you do not use HTML frames, which is an old and outdated approach, to set up the navigation system or a severe indexing problem may arise. Create a site map with links to all the web pages of your site to help the search engines as well as visitors to find all pages. This is important if the site is larger.

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