Insuring your iPad Air2 – Should you get AppleCare or something else?

Are you planning on purchasing a new iPad Air 2 by replacing your old iPhone? If answered yes, one of the most vital questions that you must be thinking of is whether or not you need AppleCare+ insurance or whether you should let go of the thought of insuring it altogether. At Apple Stores, this is the most common question that the representatives get asked and hence this article will deal with some suggestions on the kind of insurance that you may need for your iPad. It is true that no insurance plan is right for everyone as it doesn’t suit the needs of different users. Read on the concerns of this article to know which according to us are the best options to insure and protect your iPad.

AppleCare+ for iPad

When you buy an iPad you should be aware of the fact that it comes with 1 year of hardware repair through its limited warranty period and up to 90 days or three months of support. It is through AppleCare+ that your iPad gets an extended coverage of 2 more years from the exact purchase date of your iPad and also adds 2 incidents of damage caused due to accident. Each incident will however be subject to a $49 service fee over the tax which is applicable.

When you purchase your iPad, you get a complimentary coverage which is known as the AppleCare coverage. This doesn’t cost you a penny and is automatically added on the day of your purchase. The things that AppleCare offers you are:

  • 1-year limited warranty against any kind of blemishes
  • 90 days of complimentary support

Since the basic version of AppleCare doesn’t offer any kind of accidental coverage, AppleCare+ becomes important. This costs you an additional $99 and should be purchased either at the time of purchase or within 60 days of purchase.

Did you check your credit card benefits?

There are a lot of people who fail to realize that there are different types of credit cards that come with lots of insurance policies and warranties that are built in to the card. For instance, AAdvantage Card offers another additional year of coverage on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that the iPad Air that one purchased with AAdvantage card gets additional coverage.

In fact there are many credit card companies that offer many kinds of perks and benefits. Although this fact has become commonplace, yet there are many consumers who don’t seem to take benefit of such benefits. Just make sure you always check your member benefits in order to be aware of the insurance coverage that your credit card company offers you.

Depending on factors like the time you’ve purchased your iPad, how long you’re going to keep it with you; you have to decide which type of insurance you need. Should you get AppleCare+ as your iPad insurance or should you be happy with the basic AppleCare that is offered to you? Weigh your decisions with prior knowledge.

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