How to Keep the Catering for Your Event Cost-Effective

You want the event that you are planning to be a success but did you know that there are some secret, cost-effective tips that can save you a great deal of money on your next celebration? Your friends and colleagues in Birmingham love a good party and you enjoy hosting them so in order to be able to have more parties you should use the money that you spend wisely so that it will go further and pay for more celebrations. Take a look at some of the best tips for saving money at your next event.

  1. You can control the length of your party and by keeping it short you can reduce the overall cost of your event significantly. Catering in Birmingham professionals can help you to plan a reception with cocktails and a formal dinner that will last about five hours; this can be the ideal power party that you need to host. Your guests will arrive, enjoy social hours, and then dine on a delicious dinner and have an excellent time all within about five hours. Consider making your party short yet meaningful.

  2. Do some research of the caterers in Birmingham so that you can review their menus and the drinks selections that they offer at events. Visiting a website such as can give you a good idea of the availability of food and drinks in Birmingham. You may decide to cut costs by limiting the bar offerings so that they are more appealing to your guests. Choose local beers, sparkling wine drinks, and small plates of bar snacks for each guest. Your guests can still enjoy the social hour without your having to pay for top-shelf brands that drive up the cost of your party.

  3. Limit your glassware selection; instead pick a glass that is all-purpose and can accommodate a variety of beverages. This will give the bar set-up a contemporary look for an elegant ambiance in your venue. Using one type of glass allows you to spend your money in other ways or save it for the next celebration.

  4. If you’re hosting a formal dinner, ask the caterers to limit the size of the portions that they are serving. Always opt to have servers attend to your guests if you’re having a buffet line; guests tend to take more than they can eat and you lose control of the amount of the food that’s being consumed. You may want to opt for appetizers that accompany your social hour to limit the amount of food that you’ll need for your party.

  5. Do your guests drink coffee? If not you can eliminate this part of the evening. You may want to only offer it with your bar service so that only those who enjoy coffee can get what they want. You’ll also save on the cream, milk and sugar or sweeteners that are used by many to complement their coffees.

Using some of these tips can help you to save money and still host an elegant and memorable event for the guests you invite.

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