How to Establish Trust with Your Recruiter

Looking for a new job is challenging especially with limited job availability and competitive candidates available. By getting in touch with a recruiter, job hunting is easier because they’ll take care of finding an employer for you. The thing is though, you need to prove yourself qualified so they’ll be confident enough to present your resume to companies.


It’s only reasonable that you feel guarded when talking to recruiters because you don’t want them to share any information that may dampen your chances of getting a new job. However, you need to establish trust with recruiters so they will be comfortable submitting you as a candidate. So, be honest with the details you share, but you also need to be smart at the same time.


While there is no assurance that you’ll land a job, it’s good to establish a recruiter and leave a good impression so they’ll remember you. Networking is the key to success, and if they find a new opening, they might submit your resume again.


Try not to withhold critical information from your recruiter


Whether you’re dealing with a physician recruiter or someone who’s looking to fill an engineer position, it’s vital that you share helpful information to help you get the job that you want. Tell them what you expect from the job, and if there is any experience you’ve had in the past that’s worth noting. If there was an office conflict, make sure that you’re prepared to explain what happened. It’s a regular occurrence in the workplace, but they’ll need to understand what happened, what you did, and how you dealt with it. This will help them assess the culture you were exposed to and whether or not you’re the right fit for the new work environment.


You also need to discuss salary with them and the benefits that you expect from the employer. Recruiters know exactly how much their clients can offer for the salary, so rest assured that they won’t mislead you with the figures.


You’ll need to ask questions about the position available


Good recruiters know all relevant information about the job and the organization, so feel free to ask questions related to the job you’ll be applying for. You can even ask the reason why the company is hiring and what you can expect from them and the specific work involved.


Don’t be scared to ask these questions because it will help you make the decision of accepting or rejecting the job, should it be offered to you. You can also ask the employer when you’re scheduled for an interview because getting an inside perspective will also help.


Looking for a new opportunity means leaving your current job behind. When you get an offer, don’t use it as leverage against your current boss so you’ll get the salary or position that you want. If an opportunity becomes available, make sure that you seriously consider it and you are prepared to leave your current company to take on a new challenge.


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