Five Companies that Break the Standard Workplace Mold

When it comes to looking for a new job, most job seekers don’t place an emphasis on workplace design. But, maybe they should. Companies with more modern work quarters tend to offer better employee benefits and promote a quality company culture by encouraging creativity. Below is a list of five companies that break the standard workplace mold to inspire their employee’s creative minds.




Working at Netflix is a sublime experience in more ways than one. The company’s Los Gatos office space is unique and promotes creativity, freedom and productivity. Some unique aspects of the Netflix office feature movie themed meeting spaces such as, Edward Scissorhands and the Matrix. Fittingly, the Los Gatos office also features a large movie theater. Its biggest perk, however, is in the employee benefits package rather than the office’s design. Netflix offers its employees unlimited paid time off, which makes for a truly stress-free environment.




This search engine giant has offices across the world. One of its most well designed locations is the Zurich office. The Google Zurich office features work hammocks, thinking eggs, beanbag chairs and slides. As with all of its offices, Google included a top-notch cafeteria that serves finer cuisine than many restaurants. Other benefits Google employees enjoy are on-site medical care, free on-site fitness classes and free food.




Airbnb’s office is inspired by the more unique apartments listed on its short-term apartment rental website. Some of the features include an indoor mushroom dome cabin, an artsy berlin inspired living room, and lots of Eames chairs. From top to bottom, it’s an inspiring vintage workplace. While most other powerhouse startups only advertise job postings for specialized positions, Airbnb actually offers a few more traditional job postings as well. It isn’t uncommon to see office manager jobs as well as front desk jobs posted on their website. With the right personality, getting a foot in the door is a possibility for your average Joe.




Time and time again, Dream Host is voted as one of the best places to work. With its design and emphasis on promoting creativity, it’s no secret why. Natural light floods the wide open workspace where cubicles were traded in favor of chairs, benches, couches and lounge areas. Desks are still provided for those that feel more productive in a more traditional setup. Ping-Pong tables, an expansive kitchen area and graffiti-like murals set the tone for comfort and innovation within the space.




The walls of Facebook’s Palo Alto headquarters are lined with murals and art that are created by both Facebook employees and commissioned artists alike. Completely open workspaces seem to be a trend in the Silicon Valley. Facebook is no different. There are no enclosed offices, but rather chairs, couches, lounge areas, meeting rooms and scattered desks to choose from. Everyone, including Mark Zuckerberg, works in the open. If there ever were a company to break the mold, Facebook would be it.

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