The relatively free flow of goods to and from nearly all corners of the globe creates huge demand for shipping and transport services. Few countries or regions, if any, are entirely self-sufficient, making shipping and transport not just a valuable economic activity but also of critical importance to human wellbeing and survival. If you’re looking Read More

Logistics and transport managers will often complain that software development and updates in technology seem to pass them by. This makes sense because ERP and manufacturing applications are usually more important for an organization as a whole. However, logisticians and supply chain managers will tell you that their operations could also become far more efficient Read More

Have you decided the time is right to launch your own business? Have you developed a product or service that meets a market need? Put your seat belt on and prepare to work harder and longer hours than you ever have. What are the secrets of a successful business? They go far beyond the starting Read More

Failure to pay taxes can be unintended such as when miscalculations or mistakes happen. However, some taxpayers intentionally report less of their income to reduce the amount of taxes. Tax evasion is a serious offense where one illegally avoids due tax payments. HMRC has different ways of handling this, and the action will depend on Read More