Be Fully Prepared for an Exhibit with the Right Pop Up Partner

Joining an exhibit can be a stressful and nerve-wracking affair – especially if it’s your first time to do so. You’re probably thinking that you’d be running around from one place to another, not be able to find something important, forget an essential exhibit item, or would not be able to set up your stand or booth in time.

Well, the last item can at least be taken off your worries – if you have the right partner. And with the right partner, we mean the right pop up exhibition display stand. With popup stands, you don’t have to worry about setting up your display – in fact, you can do it in minutes, a complete package done in no time. Here’s how a good pop up stand can help you be fully prepared for an exhibit.

The complete package for your show

Whether you’re joining an exhibition, a trade show, a product showcase, a fete, or a conference, you needn’t worry about being prepared. You needn’t worry about the hassle of setting up individual pieces of your booth, taking up too much of your time and effort.

A good pop up display stand (such as the ones produced by Roller Banner UK) is a veritable investment for your business, an asset which you can make use of multiple times at multiple events. So what can you expect with a good pop up display? Here’s what:

  • An exhibition stand which comes complete with its own deluxe carry case (wheeled), graphic panels, and lights (you don’t even have to bring any lights for your display – it comes in the package)

  • High quality prints on the graphic panels using premium, innovative ink and brilliant images

  • Graphic panels which are printed on stoplight material (360-micron) and which also comes with an anti-glare laminate that gives extra protection for your panels

  • Trimmed banners (for a more streamlined, professional look) along with magnetic stripes which allow you to easily clip the banner to the frame

  • A total of four sizes for any kind of event – from 3 x 1 to 3 x 4

  • A total of two lights, except for the 3 x 1 display, which comes with one light

  • Free delivery from the right service

  • Incredible value for money, such as that provided by Roller Banner UK, with pop up display stand prices starting from only £455 (excluding VAT).

Joining a show or exhibition is definitely an investment for your business and your brand, because it gives you added exposure to your target audience and suppliers and other leading players in your industry. If you want your investment to give back much more than you ever expected, the proper pop up stand is a must.

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