4 Best Apps for College Students

Life as a college student is certainly stressful. You are constantly on the go, studying for exams and preparing a variety of papers or special assignments. However, many of these things can be made easier thanks to internet on the go as well as a few great apps you can install on your iPhone or iPad. Many professors are staying on top of the latest instructional technology and are integrating their classes with these apps for better retention. For best results with your college life, here are the top four apps for college students.


StudyBlue Flashcards

  • StudyBlue Flashcards is a free app that is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch smartphones and tablets. With it, you can keep on top of your school subjects whenever you have a test coming up. Create your own flashcards and study them at any time you need them, no matter what your location. You will need a account to use the app. You can also log on and connect with your classmates to compare answers or collaborate on your flashcards for better studying methods. Use text, color, images and more to create your flashcards directly on your own device.



  • iHomework is widely hailed as being a college student’s best friend. It works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and allows you to keep up to date with all of your upcoming projects, exams and of course your homework. It is generally an organizer that will keep records of all of your school tasks. You can create to do lists, take records of your grades, enter upcoming school related functions into the built in calendar and more. It is even integrated with, which provides you with a large database of research topics you can use for your assignments.



  • Evernote is a free app that is one of the most essential for college students. With it, you can create a number of to do lists, notes, voice reminders and much more. You can snap a photo of pages from a textbook with the camera feature on your smartphone, which allows you to study from the image whenever you need it. You can even record a class lecture so that you can listen to it in the future, a great way to study for an upcoming exam or to prepare for a research paper or other big class assignment or homework. One of the best aspects of Evernote is that it syncs with all of your devices, so you can get access to any of your notes from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


Mint Personal Finance

  • Personal Finance is an essential app for college students that can greatly help with your financial life. As a college student, you are certainly one who struggles with your money due to expenses such as tuition, college loans, car related payments, health insurance, food, rent and additional items. With, you can better manage all of your expenses and track your finances in one convenient location right at your fingertips. You can view transactions from all of your accounts, from your savings, checking, credit card and anything else, create a daily, weekly or monthly budget for your spending and much more. You can even view comprehensive graphs of your spending and see exactly where all of your money is going each month. Another thing you can do is to set up alerts to remind you of whenever you have a bill due. This can be a lifesaver because it can help you to make your payments on time.


Apple products are the catalyst for these educational apps. With more and more students having iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, there comes a greater demand for helpful tools to make college run a little smoother. It’s safe to say that these aren’t the end all be all of educational apps, and these tools will evolve into an integral part of a college students’ life.

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